Lone Cyprus

Lone Cyprus

Monday, June 8, 2009

June Update

As I write this, it's Monday night June 8th about 11pm. My mind is swimming with all the ways to update the progress of our fundraising efforts. In only a few short months, in this tiny community and beyond, more than $30,000 has been donated to the fund to pay for the stem cell transplant. We still have a somewhat long and challenging road ahead and the journey has been a learning one. There have been dead ends and closed doors. There have been "nos" and a conflict or two. For each one of these, there have been 10 new ideas, 10 open doors, 10 yeses, and more blessing and love poured out on me and those in my family than I could have ever imagined. Words don't do justice to the debt of gratitude I owe. I am more thankful than I know how to express.

The antique chest raffle, the golf scramble, the poker run, the mary kay sales, the yard sales, the selling of tshirts, bracelets and candy bars, all of it, was a success because of the great people I have in my family, my circle of friends and my community. So a huge thank you to anyone who has been a seller, a buyer, a giver, a laborer, an idea-person, a supporter, a pray-er, or just a speaker of kind words. All of this is overwhelming and humbling. I don't deserve it but know I am blessed beyond measure.

My spirits are good and my hopes are high. My chance at a brand new life is just around the corner and knowing I am surrounded by so many amazing people makes me excited for each day that comes.

Love to you all,
Beth Ann