Lone Cyprus

Lone Cyprus

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Celebrate Day

Thirty-four years old. THIRTY-FOUR years old. I remember when I thought that was so far away, as if I'd be 20 forever. My birthday will be here in a couple days and for the first time in my life, I can't wait to celebrate.
I've always loved my birthdays. I LOVE getting gifts and having cake and everyone telling you how much they love you. What normal person doesn't love that? I can honestly say though, that I've never actually celebrated my birth, my life, what having another year means. This year will be different.
For the first time this year, I won't care that I don't have the career success I think I should have. I won't feel inferior for being in my mid thirties and not being married or having children. I won't be embarrassed that I'm living with my parents. (How can the most important gift be embarrassing?) I won't be stressing over whether or not I'm beginning to look that year older as well.
NONE of that matters. What matters is that I'm here. I made it. The doctors guessed 5 yr and I've made it 4...so far. I will take each and every minute, hour, day, month & year I can get.

I am going to celebrate on Friday and be thankful for everything that I've been given. The life I lead isn't a glamorous or wealthy one, but it's a true and rich one. No matter the struggle with my lungs, my life is a good one. I am overjoyed to see another year. I hope you are thankful and celebrate each new one that you are gifted.

What more could I want than to just LIVE